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My new project

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

The Silk Thinker project is an installation from photos, sculptures and video. With a conceptual approach, it is an attempt to approach a wide scale of subjects in a multi-layered way.

The installations isolate the movements of humans and the city. By doing so, new sequences are created which reveal an inseparable relationship between motion and sound. By demonstrating the omnipresent lingering of the ‘after war’, the work references post-colonial theory as well as the criticism from the resistance to external invasion.

Installations appear as dreamlike images in which fiction and reality meet, well-known tropes merge, meanings shift, past and present fuse. Time and memory always play a key role.

The project demonstrates how life extends beyond its own subjective limits and often tells a story about the effects of global cultural interaction over the latter half of the twentieth century. It challenges the binaries we continually reconstruct between Self and Other, between our own ‘cannibal’ and ‘civilized’ selves.

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