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Painter and visual artist

Living and working in Denmark


I studied at The Institute of Fine Arts, Baghdad, Iraq, The Academy of Fine Arts, Rome, Italy and The School of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Since the beginning of my career as an artist in the early 1970s, I have been convinced that the work of art is not about imitating science, repeating what exists in nature or reproducing what actually exists.


If the work of art is to mimic and reproduce the forms of the world, it will perhaps add to its uglyness and misery, but it will not avoid betraying its natural truth. 


I never wanted to reshape what is visible, but to capture what is invisible, through a form imposed by the moment of vision. In every work I do, I find myself starting a new.

When the desire for expression is heated up in me, the boundary between what is purely artistic and what is not artistic disappears. All that remains is a thread guided by the beauty and ugliness of life. I can imagine my next stop, but I do not like the language of predictions. It's enough for me that I have not returned from the past with empty hands.

With regards

Abbas Alkadhim
Copenhagen 2018



2002 Honourary prize in the Internatioal Symposium of Plastic Arts, Beiruth

1998 First Prize in the 7th Cairo International Biennale, Egypt

1998 UNESCO Prize for Promotion of the Arts

1998 Honorary Prize in the 7th Cairo Int. Biennale

1996 Artist's Prize (Kulturbystyrelsen i Dansk Flygtningehjælp) in Denmark
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